Best Dog Breeds for Disabled Owners

Even those with physical disabilities desire to have household pets like dogs. They may have certain physical restrictions, but are often very capable of caring for these canine companions. In some cases the dogs can even be of assistance beyond just providing company. Many of these breeds are also good choices for elderly pet owners. There are certain criteria that must be met in choosing these breeds in terms of energy, trainability and size.  

For first time dog owners, it is best to consult with experts like Purebred Breeders, LLC on which particular breeds are best suited to their lifestyle and needs. Finding a suitable match backed by professional recommendation is the best way to avoid clashes between owner and pet that may result in an unhappy household and later abandonment of the animal. You can start by visiting and completing the online form. You will be later contacted by a specialist with whom you can discuss your concerns with.

  • German shepherd

This breed is prized for being very intelligent and protective of its owners. It can be easily trained to perform tasks for its owner and is very obedient. Its abilities as a guard dog also make it ideal for those who may feel vulnerable in terms of security. It can follow attack commands yet still be an affectionate companion. It does however require daily exercise and should first be properly trained before handing over to a disabled person.

  • Labrador retriever

 As the name retriever may suggest, this breed has historically been used by man to retrieve items. It can also be trained to perform other simple tasks like opening doors. It has a very friendly nature that makes a person less anxious about going out in public with it. Their energy and willingness to serve makes them ideal for use by those with physical disabilities. They do however also need regular exercise to avoid bad behavior. 

  • Golden retrievers

This is another retriever breed that is also very affectionate and calm. They are also very eager to please and are easily trained to perform simple tasks. They are however more difficult to groom than the Labrador due to the longer hair of their coat. They also require regular exercise as they are prone to becoming overweight.

  • Greyhound

Retired greyhounds are another good choice for those who do not get out much. They require little exercise and are content to laze about the home. They make for ideal companion dogs for seniors and those whose disabilities limit their movement. It does however need to be kept indoors to avoid it running off to chase animals. Its coat of short hairs is also very easy to groom.

  • English Cocker spaniel

If you are looking for cheerfulness then you can hardly go wrong with a cocker spaniel. These social creatures are very attractive and come in a variety of colors ranging from tan to black. They are very faithful to their owners and obedient. They are also very easy to train and eager to learn new tricks. They are however very energetic and require regular walks. They should be ideally kept in a home with a backyard which they can run around in.

  • Saint Bernard

Despite being a very large dog, the Saint Bernard is actually very gentle. It has very strong protective instincts and is eager to please. It plays well with children and has an easy going nature. Moderate walking is enough exercise for it. It is best kept in a home with large outdoor area and cool to cold temperatures.

It is always best to ensure that your dog undergoes proper obedience training. Even the calmest breeds can be poorly raised to be problematic to owners. With good training however it will be easier for a disabled owner to take control and the animal to follow instruction. Those who are so limited as to find regular walks a struggle should consider securing the services of a dog walker. The regular exercise will work wonders in keeping their animal well behaved.

There are many benefits that a disabled person can derive from owning a dog besides physical assistance. Their companionship is very valuable and can alleviate any feelings of depression or stress. They can also provide an easy means through which to socialize with other people when walking them around the neighborhood or taking them to the park. You also get a loyal friend who is happy to spend time with you no matter how active or lazy you plan on being that day.